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Accused of Trespassing? 

California Penal Code section 602, "PC 602," is a misdemeanor punishable with jail, fines, probation, stay away orders, and other serious consequences. 

However, when you hire us to represent you, our goal is to have the criminal trespass charge dismissed and or reduced to a non-criminal case. For example, we had a client who climbed over a fence at a world-famous stadium in the Los Angeles basin. Security was on top of him and his friend in no time and called the police. Because of the nature of the location, this was difficult to resolve, since the city attorney/prosecutor had a serious interest in deterring trespassing at a famous venue. Regardless, attorney David Dastrup was eventually able to resolve the case with no criminal conviction. This saved our client from a future with a criminal record. 

Note that to trespass is to willfully enter another's property, specifically intending to interfere with that person's property rights. Even if seemingly no harm was done, it can still be a criminal act.

In contrast, we often use the charge of trespass as a lower offense in exchange for a dismissal of a more serious crime. Thus, sometimes, trespass can be a good thing, for example, instead of a shoplifting conviction. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to get you the best results possible, considering your specific case. Please let our attorney guide you in navigating the criminal justice system. We are here to serve.

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