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Does my traffic ticket cause a point on my record?

Is this ticket bad?

Does this violation look bad for my insurance?

Do I get a point if I just pay this ticket?

Should I take traffic school for this traffic ticket?

Then that means you were wondering about "negligent operator points." To answer these and many other questions about how bad a traffic ticket can effect your driving record, even your auto insurance premiums, you need to know if your case can or will cause a point on your driving record. Here is a list that tells you, although there are some exceptions and the DMV is not always right. If the alleged violation on your traffic ticket is on this list, then, yes, it is most likely to be subject to 1 negligent operator point for 3 years.

This list was taken directly off of the California DMV website:


These are only the California Vehicle Code Violations that carry 1 Point. 

800 Disobedience to traffic officer
2800.1 Evading peace officer
2801 Disobedience to fire official
2803, 2803a, 2803b, 2803c Unsafe vehicle load
2815 Disregarding non-student crossing guard
2816 Youth bus/children crossing highway
2817 Disregarding funeral escort officer
2818 Crossing safety flares/cones
14603 Violation of license restrictions
21100.3 Disregarding traffic officer's directions
21209, 21209a Driving in bicycle lane
21367, 21367a, 21367b, 21367c Disobedience to traffic signs/controller
21451, 21451a, 21451b Illegal movement/green light/arrow
21452, 21452a Illegal movement/yellow light/arrow
21453, 21453a, 21453b, 21453c Illegal movement/red/light/arrow
21454, 21454a - d, 21455 Traffic signals
21457, 21457a, 21457b Disobedience to flashing signals
21460a, 21460b Double lines/one broken line
21460.5c Use of two-way left turn lane
21461, 21461a, 21462 Disobedience to traffic control device
21650, 21650a - f Keep right
21651, 21651a Crossing divided highway
21652 Entering highway from service road
21654, 21654a, 21654b, 21655, 21655b Lane use/slow moving vehicle
21655.8 High-occupancy vehicle lane/entering/exiting
21656 - 21662, 21662a, 21662b Improper lane use
21663 Driving on sidewalk
21664 Freeway ramp/entering/exiting
21700 Load obstructing driver's view
21701 Interfering with driver's control of vehicle
21702, 21702a, 21702b Driving hours limitation
21703, 21704, 21704a, 21705, 21706 Following too closely
21707 Driving in fire area
21709 Driving in safety zone
21711 Towed vehicle swerving
21712, 21712a, 21712d, 21712f, 21715, 21715a, 21715b Unlawful riding/towing
21717 Turning across bicycle lane
21750 - 21757, 21758, 21759 Illegal passing
21800 - 21804, 21804a, 21804b Right-of-way
21805, 21805b Yielding right-of-way to horseback rider
21806, 21806a Yielding right-of-way to emergency vehicle
21807 Unsafe operation of emergency vehicle
21950, 21950a, 21951, 21952 Yielding right-of-way to pedestrian
21954, 21954b Due care for pedestrian on roadway
21960a Prohibited use of freeway
21963 Yielding right-of-way to blind pedestrian
22100 - 22105 Turning and U-turns
22106 Unsafe starting/backing of vehicle
22107 - 22111, 22111a, 22111b, 22111c Signaling turns and stops
22112, 22112a School bus signaling
22348, 22348a, 22348c Speed/use of designated lanes
22349, 22349.5 Maximum speed
22350, 22351, 22352, 22352a, 22352b Basic/prima facie speed limit
22354, 22355 Exceeding posted/freeway speed limit
22356, 22356b Maximum speed 70 mph
22357, 22358.4 Speed in excess of local limits
22359, 22360, 22361 Speed in excess of local limits
22362 Speed/construction zone
22363 Restricted speed/weather conditions
22364 Speed/traffic lanes
22400, 22400a, 22400b Driving too slow
22405, 22405a Speed/bridge/tunnel
22406, 22407 Maximum designated vehicle speed
22409, 22410 Speed/solid/metal tires
22413 Speed limit on grades
22450, 22451, 22452, 22452a, 22452b Stop required/railroad crossing
22454 Stop for school bus
23109, 23109b, 23109d Speed contest/aiding or abetting
23116, 23116a Transporting person in truck load space
23127 Driving on trails and paths
23220 Drinking while driving
23222, 23222a, 23222b Marijuana or open container/driving
23235 Ignition interlock verification
23244, 23244b Defeating ignition interlock device
23253 Disobedience to toll highway officer
23270, 23270a Unauthorized towing
23330, 23330c Width/load of vehicle at crossing
23336 Disobedience to sign/vehicle crossing
24002, 24002a, 24002b Unsafe/unlawfully equipped vehicle
24004 Operation after notice by officer
24250 Lighting equipment
24409, 24409a, 24409b Failure to dim lights
24604 Lamps/flag for extended load
25103, 25103a, 25103b Lamps on projecting load
26301, 26302, 26302a, 26302b, 26302c Brakes
26303, 26304, 26304a, 26304b Brakes/combination vehicles
26307 Forklift truck brakes
26311, 26311a, 26311b, 26311c All wheel service brakes
26456, 26457 Brakes/stopping distance
26458, 26458a, 26458.5 Braking system/towing vehicles
26502a Adjustment/use of air brakes
26503 - 26506, 26506a, 26507 Airbrake system
26508, 26508a - c, 26508e - k, 26508o Emergency stopping system
26520, 26521, 26522 Vacuum brakes
27360, 27360a - c, 27360.5, 27360a - c Child Passenger restraint
27363, 27363b Child seat belt
27800, 27801, 27801a, 27801b Motorcycle/passengers and equipment
29001, 29002 Fifth wheel connecting/locking device
29003a, 29003b, 29003c Hitch and coupling device
29004, 29004a - c, 29006, 29006a Towed vehicle coupling
29201 Pole dolly/load and length
31301, 31301a Caldecott tunnel restrictions
31303, 31303b, 31303c, 31303e Hazardous waste transportation
31402 Farm labor vehicle/unsafe operation
31540, 31504b Removable containers/regulations
31614, 31614a, 3164b, 31614d - f 31614h, 31614i Explosives transportation
32104, 32104a, 32104b, 32105, 32105a, 32105c-e Inhalation hazard transportation
32106, 32106a - d Inhalation hazard transportation
34102 Tank vehicle regulations
34501.2, 34501a, 34501c Driving hours limitations
34506, 34506a - g Driving hours, equipment, maintenance, operation
34506.3 Safety regulation violation
34509, 34509c, 34509d Vanpool vehicle maintenance inspection
35784, 35784a, 35784b Violation of special permit
35784.5, 35784a, 35784b Extralegal load/weight
36400 Lift-carrier/speed
36705 Bale wagon load width during darkness

We are Southern California's Best Traffic Ticket Lawyers to keep Drivers License Points off your California Driver's License DMV Record. We are Located in Torrance, with an office in Long Beach, serving all of Los Angeles County, especially the City of Los Angeles. In addition to being regulars at South Bay Torrance Court and Long Beach Court, we are regularly in Compton Court, Downey Court, Metropolitan Court. And, we have extensive experience with hundreds of cases in West Justice Center in Westminster Orange County California.




Now that you have done some research on what can hurt you, it is time to figure out what can help you. Normally, traffic school is an option for 1 point violations. It is called traffic violator school, it costs a fee, usually a very low fee, but it may be 8 hours long to complete. And, you are only eligible every 18 months. Plus, some violations are not eligible, like high speed of more than 25 mph over the speed limit. And, some courts, especially Los Angeles County Superior Courts, tell the DMV about your conviction before you have a chance to complete traffic school. So, you need to know how to play the game. 

Here, at the Law Office of David Dastrup, we have the game figured out. In fact, we exercise our clients' constitutional rights before the courts do everything they can to wreck your situation. It would be fair if the courts did not trick you, but they design the courts for their benefit, not for the benefit of the tax payers that they serve.

It would be fair if the courts let you take traffic school and actually did not report your case to the DMV until traffic school was done, so then the case would be confidential from your insurance. But the courts do not play fair. As soon as you tell the court you are resolving your case with traffic school, they report it to the DMV and the point shows up on your record. Not until well after your traffic school is complete do they finally remove the case from the eyes of your insurance company. Worse yet, if you are a commercial driver in a personal vehicle, they never hold the case confidential from insurance. And, the DMV will not apply the traffic school until you later call them and remind them to do their job.

It would fair if the courts did not trick you into taking the morning off of work to show up to court. But the courts do not play fair. Once you get to court, they tell you, “Oh, you can’t see the judge today. Would you like to pay your ticket? You can come back to court another day… what day would you like?” This planned and intentional manipulation is the court’s way of exhausting people into throwing up their hands and just paying the ticket.

However, we believe in America more that the courts. We know the games the courts play. We will go to court for you so you can avoid their tricks. We will use your constitutional rights for your benefit. We may have your case dismissed entirely or reduced to no point or a reduced fine. Regardless, we save you from having to deal with unfamiliar ways of the court system. Keep in mind that attorneys practice law, like a doctor practices medicine. There are no guarantees as to the results. But there is comfort from being in the hands of a professional to help you through the process. And, having a professional drastically increases the likelihood of a successful result.

If you or a friend are concerned about points on your driver’s license record, please call us to help you through this process, 310-817-5899. We may even get your case dismissed with no court activity on your part.