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Criminal & Traffic Tickets in Los Angeles 

Traffic Court in Los Angeles: 
We go to all criminal & traffic courts in Los Angeles County for Failure to Appear Traffic Tickets, "FTA," warrant failures to appear, and other special at risk and suspended license cases. 

We are regularly at Long Beach Court, Torrance Court, and Compton Court. However, for FTA and more involved tickets, we serve all of Los Angeles County, for all types of California Vehicle Code "CVC" or "VC" tickets:

Torrance Courthouse

     aka, South Bay Court

     aka, Southwest District Court

Compton Courthouse
Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse
     aka, Long Beach Court
Inglewood Courthouse
​Metropolitan Courthouse

     aka, Hill St Court

     aka, Downtown Courthouse

     aka, Los Angeles Superior Court

​​Long Beach Courthouse

We serve defendants on all traffic tickets and defend criminal misdemeanor cases at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse. Our satellite office is right next to the Long Beach Court--you can see the courthouse from our office and visa versa.

Torrance Courthouse

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys represent clients on all traffic court cases and on criminal misdemeanor cases in the Southwest District, South Bay Court. Our main office is located in in Torrance, Los Angeles, California. We have a reputation for appearing on a moments notice at Torrance Court on warrants because we are so close by. However, we are in Long Beach Court more than any other court. We used to be in Westminster Court, the West Justice Center, more than any other court.

Compton Courthouse

Compton Court is located right between our two offices located in Torrance and Long Beach. We handle all traffic tickets in Compton Traffic Court, and all traffic-related criminal cases along with traditional misdemeanors in criminal court like DUI, public intoxication, exhibition of speed, etc.

Airport Courthouse

Airport Court, also known as LAX Court, is close to our office so we have cases there on a regular basis. Airport Court is a criminal court. They do handle traffic tickets that are misdemeanors, including driving on a suspended license, no license, hit and run, along with public intoxication, theft, possession of drugs, false ID, and not surprisingly, we have handled a lot of misuse of handicap placard cases at LAX.

Send our Attorney to Court so you can stay out of court. We enjoy court. We are already at criminal and traffic court daily. We fight for you, so you can have peace away from court.

Orange County California Criminal Court criminal defense attorney

West Justice Center, Westminster, OC

Central Justice Center, Santa Ana Court, OC

North Justice Center, Fullerton Court, OC

Harbor Justice Center, Newport Court, OC

We serve criminal defense clients in all of Orange County California. The courts in OC are called "Justice Centers" instead of "Courthouse" although they are still courthouses. There are four main courts that we have extensive experience at. There is also a juvenile court and an in-custody only court. Defending criminal traffic misdemeanors like driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, alcohol possession by a driver, alcohol possession  by a minor or marijuana possession by driver, recalling warrants, handling probation violations without jail, and other misdemeanors from public intoxication, solicitation, public nuisance, vandalism, drug possession, possession of paraphernalia, petty theft, and other charges.

Serving  Southern  CAlifornia  Superior  Courts for Criminal traffic ticket defense in Los Angeles County and Orange County California.

Los Angeles County Criminal Court​

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Torrance Courthouse, Southwest District, South Bay Court

Compton Courthouse

Gov. G. Deukmejian Courthouse, Long Beach Court

Inglewood Courthouse

​Metropolitan Courthouse, Los Angeles Court, Hill St. Court

East Los Angeles Courthouse

Airport Courthouse, LAX Court

Bellflower Courthouse

Downey Courthouse

​We represent criminal defendants in all courts throughout Los Angeles County, especially on traffic-related misdemeanors such as driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol, known as DUI, warrants, probation violation, but also on all other common misdemeanors, for example, public intoxication, public nuisance, drug possession, petty theft, ...