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A DUI is an upsetting and unexpected turn of events. In addition to being arrested, mistreated, posting bail, and then dealing with missing work and car impound or accident troubles, the DMV is going to take your license away if you do not take action within 10 days.

Take charge of the situation. Rely on experienced attorneys to turn this around. Defend your rights. Keep driving and fight the DMV. We take immediate action to defend your license. We keep you driving after the 30-day tempoary license expires. We defend you in criminal court, to keep you out of court and out of jail. We are here to do the heavy lifting in court and to ease your burdens.

We defend clients in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. This includes Long Beach Court, Compton Court, Torrance Court, Airport Court, Hill St. Metropolitan Court in Downtown Los Angeles, Bellflower Court, Downey Court, West Justice Center, Central Justice Center, and surrounding courts.

​​We defend your California Drivers License against the DMV. We fight your DUI in criminal court. Don't let them put you in jail. Don't let them take away your driver's license. 

​Providing Criminal Defense in Los Angeles County and Orange County California, we defend our clients accused of petty theft, shop lifting, grand theft, vandalism, public intoxication, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, stalking, criminal threats, harassment by phone or electronic communications, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, battery, assault, criminal threats, interfering with a police investigation, interfering with a police officer in official duty, disturbing the peace, trespass, destruction of property, and the many other California Penal Code "PC",  California Health and Safety Code "H&S", Business & Professional Code "BPC", criminal misdemeanor charges.

We clear warrants and resolve probation violations with the primary goal of keeping you out of jail. We have high success rates by using our masterful negotiation skills and presentation to the court.

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Many traffic tickets are misdemeanors, criminal cases punishable with jail, high fines and penalty fees, and probation. Most criminal traffic tickets are at risk of 2 negligent operator points on your driving record for 7 years. There is also a risk of a license suspension by the court or DMV. (Note that many, if not most, DUI defendants are issued a criminal traffic ticket as a notice to appear in court. However, because DUIs have more serious consquences and are more involved, they are discussed separately.)

We have successfully fought for AND secured dismissals of traffic criminal cases for many clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County California. We provide criminal defense on misdemeanor traffic tickets alleging violations of reckless driving, hit and run, exhibition of speed, speed contest, aiding and abetting speed contest or exhibition of speed, driving on suspended license, driving without a license, overweight commercial driving, lying to police investigating a traffic collision, and several other traffic crimes. In Los Angeles County, we are regularly in the Superior Court of California, especially: Torrance Court, Compton Court, Long Beach Court, Inglewood Court, Bellflower Court, Downey Court, Airport Court, and Metropolitan Court. In Orange County, CA, we are regularly in West Justice Center, Central Justice Center, and North Justice Center.

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There are two ways to prepare for court. The right way or the hard way. The right way is having the professionals represent you in court and giving your the help you need. This is what the Law Office of David Dastrup does for you, including Attorney David Dastrup and Of Counsel Attorneys Wendy Peterson and Daniel Flores. We provide the legal expertise and help you need. Deftly navigating court requires experience and skill. It is time to have an attorney represent your interests.

We start every decision with asking "What is in my client's best interest?" You are the client, the attorney is serving your interests. That means our attorney does for you what is best for you. This may involve fighting tooth and nail or negotiating for the best possible outcome. It fighting for your constitutional rights. This may result in suppressing police evidence the prosecutor is trying to unconstitutionally use against you. Regardless of the legal method, the goal is the best case result for you.

We understand that true legal representation is based on serving the individual client. This starts with your attorney having an in-depth conversation about your case, including your goals and concerns. We want to know about you and what you want. Your goals become our goals. Our Attorney becomes your Attorney.​ 

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