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Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy:
As an attorney(s), we cannot and do not sell, rent, or give any information of any client, or potential client, to anyone for any reason other than for legal representation on the matter specified. All information only goes directly to the attorney(s) and persons/organizations directly related to representation of the client and as necessary to persons/organizations directly related to operation of the law office and the legal representation. No information is ever given out to anyone or organization for any reason that will not help the Client receive better legal results on the case specified. Because of the high duty of privacy that exists in the attorney-client privileged relationship, this general policy does not change. This specific privacy policy was published 11/07/2016 and is consistent with our past practices.

Privacy Policy Expanded:

We, at the Law Office of David Dastrup, do not disclose your information to anyone not related directly to your legal representation, and do not disclose any of your information related to your legal representation without your permission or without informing you we will do so in advance of doing so, and then it is only for your benefit to achieve the best possible legal results for you.

An attorney has the highest legal duty to his/her client to maintain privacy to items that you disclose to your attorney, unless you give permission to disclose, or if the item is not kept private by you in the transfer of the item to the attorney, or if the item is already of public record or common knowledge or otherwise.

We use a secure sight: DastrupLaw.MyCase.com, for confidential communications with your attorney, including messages, documents, case updates, and certain other items. The last time you logged in may be viewable to us, and in some limited situations which item you viewed. Other than this, we do not track or keep any information that you do not specifically send to us for our viewing. MyCase is more secure than email or text. However, if you want us to communicate with you with details about your case through email or text or otherwise, then we will do so because it is your desire to do so and you accept the risk of using the email or text.

We do not share any of your information with anyone outside our office or outside what is necessary or part of the legal representation with the goal of achieving the best results for you. For example, if you have an issue that contributed to a legal issue that you have hired us to defend you for, we will not make that issue public record, but may, with your permission disclose that issue with the court or prosecution to help achieve the best possible results on your case; unless you direct us otherwise, including to provide the court or prosecutor or otherwise to have a copy of the item, which may make it public record, should that be a way that may help achieve better results for your case. Anytime this is possible, you will be informed by the attorney directly in advance.

We never disclose your personal or contact information to any organization. However, if you ask us to give your information to someone or an organization, we will do that for you, but otherwise nothing in our routine practice involves sharing any of your information with any third party. Furthermore, we will not give any government entity, including the court, your identifying or contact information because it is not the defense duty to do so, unless it is necessary to the representation.

Payments that you make to us, if by check or credit card, may be tracked by banks and related financial services, but that is not us specifically sharing because it is you using a means to process payment through a third party that deposits money to a designated account for us to receive the payment. We have no control over how you or your bank or any related financial institution uses any information. Please contact any bank or banking-related service directly for privacy information.

Regarding online presence, we use website design services, and other online services, to have a website(s), to process payments, and to manage secure information. Information technology service staff have access to any website to make the website work, which is true of all online services. Please contact any third party for their privacy policies. For example, if you use an email provider, like Gmail, you should contact Google for their privacy policies. Other than for banking/financial services, we use Microsoft, MyCase.com, and GoDaddy.com, online services. We may have a link on our website to a court website that is not controlled by us. For any service, physical or online, that is not controlled by us, please contact that organization for a copy of their privacy policy at these links:


Regarding physical presence, our law office doors are always locked unless the attorney/staff are using office and present in office in site of the door. All paper records and files are in locked file cabinets unless currently in use by attorney/staff. Office cleaning crew and office management do not have any access to locked files and documents. All files and documents are shredded in-office or destroyed by document shredding services after three years or at the time attorney deems storage is no longer necessary. All paper with Client-specific information that is not immediately filed in a locked cabinet is shredded the same day. All computers and online services are electronically locked under password only known to attorney, and are kept in the locked office. All electronic records are deleted and e-trash is re-deleted on a regular basis. The only e-records kept are in secure professional Microsoft email services and in the secure professional MyCase.com attorney-case management services.

Any Client is able to receive any records kept for the Client by the Attorney. Note that any records of non-clients, usually meaning potential clients, are regularly destroyed, deleted, and/or shredded if the potential client does not hire the attorney at the time contacted or within a matter of days or one month maximum of contacting the attorney or if not by a date designated and agreed to by the attorney and potential client. 

We are here to serve our clients. Thus, information received from a client (or anyone who has disclosed information as a potential client) is held in the highest regard, in confidence, as personally discussed with us, and consistent with the above. If you have any questions about our privacy policy and practices, please ask the attorney directly. 

Thank you.