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Attorney David Dastrup has extensive experience in OC Courts. In Orange County California, Attorney David Dastrup handled more cases at the West Justice Center in Westminster and the North Justice Center than any other private attorney appearing at those two courts during the three year time period when Mr. Dastrup was assigned to those courts. Part of this time, Mr. Dastrup handled more failure to appear infractions that caused California Drivers License suspensions and holds than any other attorney in all of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange. This included cases in Santa Ana, Central Court, formally called the Central Justice Center, and the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach.

​Now, with several years more experience in criminal defense, we are once again defending clients in Orange County, as if we never left. It is nice to be home, and even better when we get a client's case dismissed.

Attorney David Dastrup is home at the West Justice Center in Orange County California. West Court is located at 8141 13th St, Westminster, CA 92683. This is where Mr. Dastrup gained years of experience defending misdemeanor defendants on traffic criminal cases, especially driving without a license, no license, driving on a suspended license, petty theft, drug possession,  hit and run, speed contest, exhibition of speed, public intoxication, drunk in public, disturbing the peace, trespassing, loitering, DUI, among other criminal misdemeanor charges filed by the California Orange County District Attorney's Office.

Attorney Dastrup was very successful resolving criminal cases as non-criminal with no jail or total dismissals. This means these defendants he represented had no criminal conviction, no criminal sentencing. 

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