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Can the police impound my vehicle?

Unfortunately, yes, and it can be for up to 30 days. The California Vehicle Code allows for police to immediately seize and impound a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle speed contest, reckless driving, exhibition of speed, suspended license, no license, if driver is arrested, handicap parking space without a handicap placard or unlawful use of a handicap placard, and other situations.

Often, the vehicle can be released earlier than 30 days, with a little bit of effort in the right direction. If not, the owner does have a right to a hearing but that does not mean the vehicle will be released.

Regardless, we have often used the impound fees to negotiate hardship situations or off-set criminal fines and penalty fees. For most of these criminal charges, we get some type of dismissal in criminal court. This usually helps soften the blow of the impound.