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​We zealously defend our clients in Criminal Court in Los Angeles County and Orange County California. ​Our extensive experience includes petty theft, shop lifting, grand theft, vandalism, public intoxication, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, stalking, criminal threats, harassment by phone or electronic communications, drug possession and drug paraphernalia, battery, assualt, domestic violence, false police report, interfering with a police investigation, interfering with a police officer in official duty, battery upon a police officer, disturbing the peace, trespass, destruction of property, contractor fraud, mail fraud, fraudulent check, concealed firearm, and many other criminal charges from the California Penal Code, Health and Safety Code, Business & Professional Code, and other areas of criminal law.

We clear warrants and resolve probation violations with the primary goal of keeping our clients out of jail. We have high success rates with our negotiation skills and well-planned presentations to the court.

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Traffic Crimes include reckless driving, speed contest, exhibition of speed, aid and abet a speed contest, aid and abet exhibition of speed, driving on the wrong side of the road, overweight commercial vehicle, evading a police officer, giving false information in a police investigation of a traffic collision, and, most infamously, drunk driving. However, most people put DUIs in a separate category from traffic crimes and criminal defense because DUIs have so many parts and can even be very complex. 

Traffic crimes are often misunderstood for three reasons. First of all, most judges and prosecutors do not deal with the DMV or driver's license matters beyond the court, so they are unfamiliar with most license and negligent operator issues. Likewise, most criminal defense attorneys do not have a background in traffic matters beyond DUIs, so they, too, have limited experience. Finally, many traffic crimes are cited as misdemeanors on regular traffic tickets (the cop circles the "M" on the right side of the ticket). It is not uncommon to be confused about whether it is actually a criminal case punishable by jail and subject to probation in criminal court.

Fortunately, Attorney David Dastrup has extensive experience with traffic matters, with a special focus on traffic crimes. We know how serious a conviction can be for your driving record. Avoiding jail is simply not enough. We focus on keeping your driving record clean, avoiding negligent operator points and a license suspension. 

Most traffic misdemeanor convictions automatically cause negligent operator points, even 2 points for 7 years. Some traffic crimes cause an automatic license suspension by the DMV, even if the court takes no action against a driver's license. For example, a hit and run with an accident causing property damage only, CVC 20002(a), causes an automatic driver's license suspension, even up to a year for a Class A Commercial Driver License. However, other traffic misdemeanors, even more serious felonies, like evasion, CVC 2800.1 failing to stop for a police officer, or VC 2800.2 evading with reckless driving, do not cause an automatic suspension. However, the way the Vehicle Code is written encourages the court to suspend a license for up to 6 months.

There are many other California criminal traffic tickets, including: Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road, Reckless Driving, Speed Contest, Exhibition of Speed, Aiding and Abetting Speed Contest, Commercial Vehicle Overweight, Commercial Vehicle Exceeding Maximum Allowable Weight Limits, Driving on a Suspended License Due to a DUI Conviction, Fraudulent Registration, License Fraud, Lying to Police Investigating a Traffic Collision, for a few examples. The most common traffic criminal matter is a DUI. It is not uncommon for the police to cite a DUI on a regular ticket, which is actually a "Notice to Appear" in court, exactly as it states on the upper-left corner of the ticket. 

Criminal traffic violations are punishable with jail and high fines, and are subject to probation and other consequences. If the court does not impose jail, community labor may be required. A judge can suspend a driver's license if the case involves speed. Some charges cause automatic license suspensions, like a hit-and-run conviction. Many charges result in negligent operator points, 2 points for 7 years.

It is important to avoid a criminal record, and sometimes more important to avoid a DMV record when you live in Southern California. Our experienced traffic crimes defense attorney will fight for you. We have extensive experience getting traffic criminal matters dismissed and or reduced to avoid these serious consequences. 

We fight to protect your rights and your record. Our proven strategies often result in dismissals, reductions, and wins, avoiding serious criminal records and driving records. Our skilled attorneys fight criminal charges and criminal traffic charges. Contact us now to speak with the Attorney. 


We understand that true legal representation is based on serving the individual client. This starts with your attorney having an in-depth conversation about your case, including your goals and concerns. We want to know about you and what you want. Your goals become our goals. Our Attorney becomes your Attorney.​

We start every major decision considering "What is in the best interest of my client?" You are the client. The attorney serves your interests. That means our attorney does for you what is best for you. This involves fighting and negotiating, asserting constitutional rights, and seeking the best possible outcome for you.


The best way to prepare for court is to rely upon your attorney to represent you in court. Your attorney will explain the law, your defenses, the prosecution's evidence, and your constitutional rights. Your attorney is there to serve you at this critical time. We provide the legal expertise and help that you need. We have the skills and experience to deftly navigate the court and represent your interests.


We defend our clients in the Los Angeles Superior Courts of California, including Long Beach Court, Compton Court, Torrance Court, Airport Court, Bellflower Court, Downey Court, Metropolitan Court, and East Los Angeles Court, to name a few.  In addition, we are regularly in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, at the West Justice Center, North Justice Center, and Central Justice Center.

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Being arrested for a DUI, being mistreated, posting bail, and managing DUI conflicts with work, family, or even a traffic accident, you will have an upcoming court hearing and the DMV is going to suspend your driver's license, unless action is taken now.

Now is the time to have your attorney contact the DMV on your behalf. Now is the time for your attorney to start your DUI defense and put your situation into perspective. Then, with confidence, you can get back to those important things in your life.

Take charge of the situation. Rely on experienced attorneys to turn this around. Defend your rights. Keep driving and fight the DMV. We will keep you driving after the 30-day temporary license expires. We will defend you in criminal court to keep you out of jail. We are here to do the heavy lifting in court and to ease your burdens.

​​We will defend you against a DMV California Driver License Suspension order by APS law, at the Driver Safety branch offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You are not alone. We are here to help. Note that there are approximately 120,000 DUIs a year in California. About 100,000 of these DUIs are misdemeanor arrests. Approximately 80,000 of these are first-time DUI arrests. Our skills come from years of experience fighting DUIs in Southern California and, especially, helping our clients through this tough process.