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Currently, we are heavily booked and have limited availability. Priority will be given to criminal matters, including felony and misdemeanor cases (for example: DUI, reckless driving, suspended license, drugs, theft,  warrants, probation violation).

However, for infraction traffic tickets, legal consultations will be provided within five days. Thank you for your patience. 

We look forward to serving you.     

Traffic Ticket Court

We defend your California Drivers License against the DMV. We fight your DUI in criminal court. Don't let them put you in jail. Don't let the police and DMV take away your driver's license.

DUIs are unexpected so turn it around and take charge by defending your rights. We take immediate action for you with the DMV and defend you in criminal court. 

We fight DUIs throughout Los Angeles County, e.g., Long Beach, Compton Court, Torrance Court, Downtown Los Angeles Courts, and in Orange County California Courts.

​We defend our clients accused of felony evasion, fraud, driving under the influence, theft, suspended license, hit and run, reckless driving, battery, drug possession, drunk in public, driving without a license, disturbing the peace, trespass, ...

We clear warrants and resolve probation violations with the primary goal of keeping you out of jail. We have a very high success rate, by using our masterful negotiation skills and presentation to the court, of keeping you out of court and resolving your case favorably.

We recall warrants and resolve probation violations in Los Angeles and Orange County and surrounding areas in Southern California. 

Criminal Defense Attorney David Dastrup

We successfully provide criminal defense on Suspended License Traffic Ticket Criminal Defense in Compton, Suspended License Traffic Ticket Criminal Defense in Torrance, and Suspended License Traffic Ticket Criminal Defense in Long Beach California. This includes Inglewood Court, Downey Court, Bellflower Courthouse, Airport Court, and Metro Court.

MAIN LAW OFFICE - Torrance, Los Angeles County, California. We serve all of our Southern California Clients from this office, whether at Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, Orange County, California, or at Metropolitan Court, Los Angeles Superior Court.


There are two ways to learn about your case. The easy way, ask your attorney, or the hard way, run around guessing in court.

We will explain the law, the risk, the possibilities, and especially the great results we have come to expect ourselves to achieve for our clients on cases similar to yours. Although, each case is unique. We want to listen to you. We we will apply the law to your facts. We will find legal defenses and possibilities for your case. 

Our legal experience with criminal defense and traffic defense is applied to your case. We defend you in court. Filing California Penal Code and California Vehicle Code allegations is what we do.


Every decision our attorney makes for your criminal defense starts by asking, "What is in my client's best interest?"

You are the client, the attorney is serving your interests. That means our attorney does for you what is best for you. This may involve negotiating for the best possible resolution or fighting to suppress evidence. The end goal is for the best result for you on your case.

We understand that true legal representation is based on serving the individual client. This starts with your attorney having an in-depth conversation about your case, even about your goals and concerns. We want to know about you and what you want. Our goals become your goals. Our Attorney becomes your Attorney.​ 

DUI  Defense

Criminal Defense, Suspended License DMV Defense, Traffic Ticket Defense in Long Beach California

Traffic Tickets cause serious consequences, especially FTA, Failure to Appear. Our experienced trial attorney fights for you, clears DMV holds to help you recover from a suspended license, and motions the court for a dismissal to avoid convictions and bloated court fines, saving thousands of dollars in court and insurance costs. Our main Traffic Courts are Long Beach Court, Compton Court, and Torrance Court.

LONG BEACH LAW OFFICE - Since we have more cases in Long Beach Court than any other courthouse in California, we also have a satellite office near Gov. G. Deukmejian Courthouse and West Justice Center in Orange County California.

Criminal Defense