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Driving in Southern California leads to many criminal cases and traffic tickets. A simple traffic stop may lead to a more serious case. Regardless, many traffic tickets are for misdemeanors that require a criminal defense attorney. Fortunately, we handle both, criminal and traffic, and especially traffic-related criminal defense. This puts us in court virtually everyday. Better results come from all of this court experience. 

​The California Vehicle Code is full of misdemeanor cases punishable with jail and high fines, probation, and driver's license consequences. We are a law firm specializing in traffic-related criminal defense and failure to appear traffic tickets. We know what carries serious DMV consequences and how to seek to avoid problems with your driving record. Our goal is to keep you out of jail, avoid auto insurance rate hikes, and dismiss your case with no fines, no points, no probation, and no convictions. We go to court for you. We fight for you. Hire the experienced traffic criminal attorneys to be on your side. 

We are in court virtually every day throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County, California. Our main attorney provides personalized service. We have an online client portal that keeps you updated on the court status of your case, when the hearing is scheduled, and personalized messages from your attorney.

We provide a high level of personal service for general criminal misdemeanor cases. We regularly defend cases involving alcohol, marijuana, possession of controlled substance, theft, disturbing the peace, trespass, lewd conduct, solicitation, prostitution, etc. We provide criminal defense for cases with charges from the California Penal Code, Health and Safety Code, Business and Professional Code, and other California Code sections. 

The Law Office of David Dastrup has successfully represented many clients on criminal cases at Compton Court, Long Beach Court, Torrance Court, Metropolitan Court or Los Angeles Court, Bellflower Courthouse, Downey Court, Airport Court or LAX Court, and even all courts in Orange County. Call 310-817-5899


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